Inside our new Headquarters on Main Street

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The welcoming entrance to the new offices, featuring a handmade sign and pieces from Indonesia.

Over the New Year break, Chief of Staff Rosemary Ruths and her partner came to the offices to put things in place—assemble furniture, arrange workstations, stock snacks, and handle all the details that come with an office move, even if it’s only a few blocks.
“I wanted everything to be ready…” she recounts.  “We have an odd mix of old and new.  Richly carved antiques from Indonesia—the Kraton in Solo, the highlands of Sumatra— blended with the wires and steel of a tech space. It needed some negotiation to find everything the right niche.  The balance was achieved and I love every corner.”
As the elevator doors open, a large wood and corrugated metal sign sets the tone for the entire space—this is a fun and serious place where creative people build things. On the back of the sign, which forms a divider to the kitchen, people have hung magnets.
“Every time somebody goes somewhere, like to client sites in Midland, Denver, or Calgary, or just a fun vacation … we bring back a magnet to add to the collection,” explains Amanda Craig, Director of Customer Success. “It’s a fun company tradition.”
That collection of magnets also points to the level of activity, productivity, and growth within Although we loved our former offices, we needed a bigger space to fit our growing team and we now look forward to welcoming clients and hosting community events in the new space. Shota Ota, Support Engineer at, says he likes the “modern tech feel” of the new offices… “and also the snacks,” he adds.
The architecture is inspiring with high open ceilings, exposed brick walls, and natural light that adds warmth to the industrial space. Josh Davidson, Lead Developer, says, “I really like having lots of windows, lots of natural light.”
The second floor space has been divided into two large areas. On one side, there’s the open office. Everybody has sit-stand desks arranged in clusters—the development pod by the elevators, the analytics pod by the kitchen, the sales and marketing pod by the back wall.

Left to right: data scientists Nitin Chaudhary and Jason May; data analysts Lucas Wood and Kyle LaMotta working at their sit-stand desks.At, everyone works on a sprint system. They have a 60-minute lunch break and two 30-minute breaks, one in the morning, one in the late afternoon. These three breaks in the workday are considered as essential to productivity as sprints—four 90-minute time blocks for uninterrupted work with no e-mails, side conversations, or personal calls.
On the other side of the large open office space are a conference room and two smaller breakout rooms to foster team collaboration. During breaks, the sounds of piano being played by Technical Director Lucas Wood may drift to the team on the other side as they fit in a quick Xbox game.
The new offices are designed to be open and inspiring, a place to hustle and unwind, with room to grow. We’re looking forward to expanding the team and launching more great products and services this year.]]>