Annual Company Retreat Brings ‘Antifragile’ Mindset to Petroleum Analytics

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Share on linkedin held its annual retreat near Brenham, Texas. This year’s theme centered around the topic of being and building ‘antifragile’ processes and systems. Antifragility is a property of systems that thrive as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures— a concept discussed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder. The concept has been applied in a variety of fields, like risk analysis, engineering, and computer science. Being antifragile goes beyond simply being robust (resisting failure) or being resilient (recovering from failure)— being antifragile means actually benefittingfrom uncertainty. In today’s unconventional business, that’s the mindset wants to bring to petroleum analytics, not just with our platform, but also in the processes that surround it, for ourselves and our clients.

The retreat served as an opportunity to discuss the latest trends in data science, oil and gas, and ways to keep pushing the edge cases of our industry. The new Montreal development office, which opened January 2019, also had a chance to join their Houston colleagues for in-depth brainstorming, teambuilding, and of course, some Texas barbecue.